Audio: (Jennifer Hudson’s Nephew) Julian King’s Father Speaks About His Son

gregory King

The futuristic blogger had a phone interview with Gregory King, seven year old Julian King’s father, to get his feelings surrounding the case.  It’s sad because I had assumed he wasn’t part of Julian’s life because I rarely hear him mentioned.  He touched on that,  how smart Julian was, and how much he misses him.  He’s also in the courtroom daily listening to the heart wrenching details surrounding  Julian’s murder.

1. Gregory King talks about keeping his composure in the court room. (Time Frame 1:24)
2. His relationship with Jennifer & Julia Hudson right now. (Time Frame 2:16 )
3. What you didn’t know about his son Julian King. (Time Frame 3:02 )
4. Accused Killer William Balfour and the Death Penalty. (Time Frame 4:51 )
5. And his frustration with Media/Press ignoring him. As if Julian King didn’t have a Father. (Time Frame 6:03)



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