“Mama’s House” Sneak Peek (Ms. Jones a.k.a. Jim Jones’ Mama)

ms jones

The Jones’ have enlisted WSHH to premiere the sneak peek of Mama’s House.  Let me just say that Ms. Jones’ makeup is on point.   I think I’m going to love this show.   In the preview we see that Ms. Jones has her own line of condoms, her own vodka, t-shirts and is working on her new album. Yup, Ms. Nancy is taking “Psychotic” to a whole new level, and I ain’t mad at her.  “Get in where you fit in” is always the way to go.  #getyourlifefool   I’m still on the fence about that song she made directed at Chrissy.  Let’s just hope she uses her powers for good this time.

It looks like there may be some drama when it comes to Jim and the album.  Jim is not feeling the rapping grandma game at all.  C’mon, mama gotta have a life too Jimmy.  Then we get to see Ms. Jones on  a more personal level.  We get to know a bit about her husband and we’ll see why he’s decided to jump ship.   It also looks like it wont be disappointing on laughs either.    So what do you think?  Will you tune in?


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